How to Order and Payments

To order: You can place your order online using the shopping cart or you can make note of the items you would like to order and use the Contact Johnna Form or call Johnna (949) 413-0965.

If you are wanting a larger piece of a fabric that I have available change the quantity in your shopping cart. 1 piece is automatically added to your cart but if you are wanting a bigger piece change the quantity to be 2, or more, to make whatever size piece you are wanting. I will then cut your fabric as one piece instead of sending you 2 pieces, or more, of the same fabric.

Payments: You can use your PayPal Account, Visa or Mastercard Credit Card or Mail a check/Money Order. 

If you would like to mail a check/Money Order for your order please make sure that all items are in stock and your final total is correct before you mail payment. I will contact you or you can contact me by using the Contact Johnna form or call (949) 413-0965 to confirm your total. Thank you!