NEW MOHAIR & ALPACA - Mill Dyed Fabrics

I am VERY excited to introduce you to some NEW Mohair and Alpaca Qualities and Colors!! The mill has dyed these fabrics for me!!

*NEW* Quality 340S/CM Color 402S-Stone

Quality 340S/CM is 5/8" in length with a medium density and the Curly Matted Finish. The Curly Matted Finish is so curly that it  "matts" down to the backing. You can leave the finish as is or you can brush it up to give your own custom texture to the fabric. This is a new quality in the curly matted finish. This is the first medium density quality that we have carried in the curly matted finish. I love it because it shows more curls and has a beautiful texture. The color is 402S-Stone. The stone color is very nice because it is a lighter color that will blend well with all colors. It's great for Pandas when you are looking for something other than white!!

*NEW* Quality 50S/TDI Color 100ST-White w/Black Tips

Quality 50S/TDI is 3/4" in length with a medium density, Curly S-Finish and Tipped. The Curly S-Finish is a soft distressed look, going every which way. The color is white with black tips. This quality is the same as our very popular 785S/C but it is tipped!

*NEW* Quality ALP7/S Color 528S-Cream

Quality ALP7/S is a 3/8", Straight, Medium Density Alpaca Blend. The color is 528S-Cream. This color is one of our most popular colors.  It's not white and it's not to yellow, just a very nice cream color! This is a beautiful fur and color. So soft looking and feeling!

NEW Quality ALP6/S Color 124-Black

Quality ALP6/S is a 5/8", Straight & Dense Alpaca Blend. The color is 124-Black.