Photo Info: 'Toffee' (9-1/2") is a creation by Cheryl Hutchinson of Binglebears. You can contact Cheryl by e-mailing her at cherylh@twcny.rr.com Tofee is made with 300S/CM-356S.

300S/CM - 1/2" Ultra-Sparse Density w/Curly- Matted Finish


Price: $15.00

  • 1/8 yard measures 9" x 27" - $15.00 
  • 1/6 yard measures 12" x 27" - $19.50 
  • To View Quality 300S/CM click this button. To see photos of colors available in 300S/CM please click on buttons below. 
  • 100-White 
  • 124-Black 
  • 350S-Antique Brown 
  • 545S-Sand 
  • 596S-Deep Gold 

These photos are for color references only.

Photo Info: 'B. B. Pibbs' (7") is a design by Pam Holton of Wisconsin and available in pattern form on our web site. B. B. Pibbs is made with ALP8/S-100. Photo Info: 'Hope' (18") is a creation by Kat Michalski of Kat's Originals. You can contact Kat by e-mailing her at katorigin@aol.com Hope is made with 830B-124. Photo Info: 'Bumble' (8-1/2") is a creation by Sandra Hobbs of England. You can contact Sandra by e-mailing her at sallyanne55@ntlworld.com Bumble is made with 550S-350S. Photo Info: 'Tammi' (12") is a creation by Jane Perala of British Columbia, Canada. You can contact Jane by e-mailing her at jperala@shaw.ca Tammi is made with KID3/W-545S. Photo Info: 'Koda' (25") is a creation by Melissa Zemeski of Tennessee. You can contact Melissa by e-mailing her at zemeski@aol Koda is made with 340S/C-596S.

300S/CM is 1/2" in length with an ultra-sparse density and the curly-matted finish. The curly-matted finish is very curly and slightly mats down to the cotton backing. You can use this fur matted as it comes or you can carefully "brush" it out to give you a different look and texture. Have fun with it but I always suggest trying anything you do on a small corner first so you can see if you like the look and not change the whole piece!

If you are looking for more colors, please check out Intercal's Website!